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Mental Health and the EEOC
Costly Mistakes Employers Can Avoid

Course Synopsis and Instructions

Mental Impairment Disability Discrimination charges by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission are on the increase due to recent amendments to the Americans With Disabilities Act. (Disability claims have increased by 36%)

Employers are at significantly greater risk of liability claims for hundreds of thousands of dollars because they are unaware of the ADAAA and the aggressive enforcement of these amendments by the EEOC. (The median for disability claims is now $292,500 which is 18% higher than the next type of discrimination suit)

The Encompass Mental Health and the EEOC - Costly Mistakes Employers Can Avoid is an essential course for every Employer, Senior Manager and Human Resource Professional.

The Course is in a PowerPoint video format, delivered in four sections, available in the side menu, and takes approximately 90 minutes to complete:

Section One: Understanding the Americans With Disabilities Act Amendment Act
Section Two: Enforcement of the ADAAA by the EEOC
Section Three: What Is Mental Impairment Discrimination
Section Four: How To Avoid Discrimination Charges

Downlaod and print Course Workbook to make notes during PowerPoint viideo presentation

Course Note: This course, in it's entirety, is available in the Encompass Workplace Mental Health Certificate Program. By taking this course in the Certificate Program you can qualify for Continuing Education Credits from the Society of Human Resource Management.  In addition a Certificate of Completion from the Encompass Certificate Program can be used as a legal defense against a mental impairment discrimination suit. See Certificate Program Synopsis
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