Free resources and training on the early identification and remediation of mental health issues in the workplace for Employers, Management Staff, HR Professionals and Employees

Some alarming facts supporting why these resources and training programs are so urgently needed.....

One in five people (20% of an employer's workforce) will suffer from mental illness this year.

Mental health conditions are the leading cause of lost workdays and productivity among workers between the ages of 18 and 44. 

> Under new ADA regulations employers are at significantly greater risk of being charged by the EEOC for "Mental Impairment Discrimination" due to the expanded definition of "Major Life Activities".

> Mental Health accounts for 47% of a company`s health and lost productivity costs (physical illnesses account for only 25% of costs).

The cost to an employer of an untreated employee with a mental health condition is twice that of an employee who has received treatment.

There is an 80% treatment success rate yet less than 30% of those with a mental health condition will actually seek treatment due to the stigma of mental illness. 

> Many of the costs, legal liabilities and tragic consequences of mental illness can be avoided by implementing simple, inexpensive mental health strategies in YOUR workplace!

Install Our Free Workplace Mental Health Android App 

The Encompass Workplace Mental Health App is an essential tool for every employer, manager, supervisor, human resource professional and employee representative to help address the complex issues of depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders in the workplace.

Click image to access the Google App store to learn more and install our free App. (At present our App is available only for Android devices) 

 Free Encompass Training Programs 
Workplace Mental Health - The Elephant in the Lunch Room 

Free for all employees.....This course provides all employees with a basic understanding of depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders (including PTSD), their financial impact on individuals and organizations, addresses stress, violence, bullying and stigma in the workplace and demonstrates how employees can create a mental health receptive workplace creating a healthier work environment.  It is a self-paced course available in a convenient online video format, takes approximately 1 hour to complete and is free for all employees. Learn more or take this Course today - It's Free!

Mental Health and the EEOC - Costly Mistakes Employers Can Avoid 

Due to the aggressive enforcement of the recent amendments to the Americans With Disabilities Act by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission Employers are at considerably greater risk of being charged with Mental Impairment Disability Discrimination. The Encompass presentation Mental Health and the EEOC - Costly Mistakes Employers Can Avoid is an essential course for every Employer, Senior Manager and HR Professional to better understand how these amendments impact their business and how to avoid Disability Discrimination Charges. This course is in a convenient online video format and takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Learn more or take this Course today - It's Free!  

 Encompass Certification  
Encompass Workplace Mental Health Certification Program 

Two years in development by the Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services the Encompass Certification Program is a comprehensive workplace mental health literacy training course on mitigating the complex, costly and often tragic consequences of mental health issues in the workplace. Designed for Employers, Senior Management, HR Professionals and Disability/Wellness Managers this training is available as a 5 module course in a convenient online self-paced video format. Learn more or take the Encompass Certification Program today 


The Encompass Workplace Mental Health Certification Program is approved for 5 units of credit from the Society of Human Resource Management

AstraZeneca recently sponsored a national survey of Human Resource Professionals who had taken the Encompass Training Course. Of those surveyed 100% strongly agreed or agreed that this training provided them with a better understanding of the issues of mental health in the workplace, 93% strongly agreed or agreed the Encompass training provided them with the knowledge of how to create a mental health receptive workplace and 84% began making changes in their workplace within three months of completing the program. Full survey results available on request.

Encompass Training Programs were developed by the Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services through a grant from the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati. GCBHS has a 30 year history of developing effective work strategies for individuals with mental health problems. GCBHS is the largest provider of mental health services in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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